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How to Kintsugi: 3 Step DIY Tutorial

For detailed instructions for How to Kintsugi in Japanese and English check out this DYI tutorial This is a 3 Step Turorial for our Minowa Premium Japanese DIY Kintsugi Kit   About the art of Kintsugi The practice of Kintsugi is a reflection of the Japanese Wabi Sabi principal (originally derived from traditional Buddhist teachings), […]

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Guide to buying your first Japanese Knife

Looking to buy a Japanese knife? Confused by the choices? Not sure where to start? Well, look no further, this guide will help you identify which Japanese knife is most suitable for your needs. A knife is the most important tool in the kitchen and Japanese kitchen knives are among the finest knives you can purchase. […]

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12 Cooking Tips You’d Wish You Learnt Sooner

We’ve done some research and come up with 13 cooking tips that will help any cook. Some of which you’d wish you learnt sooner. 1. Roast your veggies without having to flip them  This is a really simple yet useful tip. Before you start roasting your veggies, pre-heat the pan you’ll use. This means the […]

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Valentine’s day ideas for quarantine

Don’t let quarantine and social distancing stop you from celebrating Valentine’s day with your significant other. Here are 10 Valentine’s day ideas for quarantine to have a memorable Valentine’s Day at home.    1. Cook a romantic dinner  Don’t let the fact that restaurants are closed in your city stop you from having a delicious […]

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Knife hacks for perfect cutting

In today’s post we have selected 5 knife hacks for perfect cutting. Knife hack 1: Use the spine of the knife The spine of the knife is the back of the blade. Although often overlooked, it is very handy for cooking. Use this part of the blade to transfer ingredients from the chopping board to a […]

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How to make a charcuterie board

Charcuterie boards have become increasingly popular nowadays. Not only are they delicious and enjoyed by many, they also make for the perfect Instagram post. With a variety of cured meats, cheese, nuts, spreads, fruit and crackers, there is something in it for everyone to enjoy! What Is Charcuterie? Charcuterie is the art of preparing and […]

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Wooden handles: Maple burl vs Cherry wood

Before we can go into the details of each wood type, we must identify what makes wooden handles so good. So why opt for wooden handles? Wood is natural material that is warm to the touch, comfortable to hold and long lasting. Therefore, it is no surprise that wood has been widely used as a […]

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How To Organise Your Fridge: Zero Waste

How many times has finding space for your groceries in the fridge felt like making a complicated jigsaw puzzle? If your answer is more than once, then you need to change how you organise your fridge. Cleaning and organising your fridge can help you prevent food waste and save you a lot of time and […]

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How to Host An Unforgettable Dinner Party

It is no secret that hosting a dinner party can be very stressful. It involves countless tasks: setting the table, cooking a delicious meal, cleaning the house, etc. However, a dinner party should be enjoyed by both the guests and hosts. This is why we have come up with a guide on how to host […]

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How to cut onions without crying

It is a known fact around the world that cutting onions will make you cry. But have you ever stopped and asked yourself why this happens? Why do onions make you cry? Onions are mainly made out of water and have some vitamins and sugar compounds. But they also have compounds contain sulphur. This is […]

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12 things every home cook should have in their kitchen

With all the countless one-purpose kitchen tools out there it can be hard to identify what are the most essential tools in the kitchen. To make your life easier we’ve created an essential kitchen tools list. These tools have endless uses and are worth the investment. They will elevate your cooking experience and make home […]

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What makes Japanese Kitchen Knives so good?

Japanese knives have become an essential kitchen tool for any chef or home cook. But what exactly is it that makes Japanese knives so good? Are they really better than Western knives? The blade’s hardness There are two ways to make a Japanese knife: honyaki or kasumi. Where, honyaki involves using solid high-carbon steel whilst kasumi forges a […]

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4 Knife Safety Tips

Here at Oishya, we want to ensure our knives are used safely. This is why we have come up with 4 knife safety tips we recommend you follow.  1. Keep your knives sharp We have stated multiple times that a sharp knife is safer than a dull one. However, we are aware that sharpening a […]

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7 Ways you are accidentally hurting your kitchen knives

Like most things, knives need to be treated with respect so that they can perform in the best way possible. We have identified 7 ways in which you are probably damaging your knife without knowing it. We hope listing these can help you start taking better care of your knives (they deserve it). 1) Putting […]

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Secrets of Japanese Business Etiquette: Business Meetings

This blog is the fourth one in our series of Secrets of Japanese Business Etiquette (How not to Faux Pas). In particular, it will clear any confusion relating to business meetings in Japan.  There has been much written about Japanese business etiquette, but sadly much of it seems written by people who have not been […]

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Secrets of Japanese Business Etiquette: Greetings and Bowing

This blog is the first one in our series of Secrets of Japanese Business Etiquette (How not to Faux Pas). In particular, it will clear any confusion in terms of bowing and greetings when conducting business in Japan. The Secrets of Japanese Business Etiquette series  It is easy to experience culture shock when visiting Japan […]