Cooking Knife Sets

Unlike several kitchen tasks, chopping, cutting, slicing and dicing is still mostly done by hand. While many of us have modernised our kitchens with high-tech toasters, microwaves, blenders, smoothie machines and slow cookers, there is no kitchen without the most ancient device of all – the knife. Choosing a set of essential kitchen knives can be a hell of a task; there are so many on the market with jaw-dropping varieties of price, quality and style, steel types, that a novice can have a hard time to get her/his head around. The simplest strategy to narrowing your choices down is deciding on your budget: if you’re a frequent cook and don’t mind putting a bit of effort into looking after your knives, then it probably makes sense to spend as much as you’re able to on some good quality equipment that can last for years. If you’re on the budget and looking for something temporary, then make it all about how it fits in your hand. You need to feel comfortable manoeuvring the knife. Most cooks agree that a selection of four or five knives will enable most of your culinary projects, namely: a chef’s knife for chopping meat and veggies, a paring / utility knife for trimming small veggies and fruit, a veggie knife – for those bigger size fruit and veggies, a serrated knife for bread and squishy things that have a tougher exterior and optional: a carving knife for slicing meat thinly.

Sakai Kyuba – The Knife Set: Santoku, Nakiri, Petty – Natural Brown
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