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Made to last. Used to create joy.

We spend countless hours of our time doing food prep and cooking. Rightly so, we deserve kitchenware that will make cooking tasks easier and more enjoyable.

After all, food and cooking are one of the main sources of joy in our lives. They have the power to bring people together in an unparalleled way. They are a way to learn and discover different cultures, to share traditions with other and to test one’s creativity. They are means through which eternal memories are created, traditions are passed down within families and friends, passions are discovered and love and joy excel.

Oishya has grown with the mindset that such moments deserve equally precious and timeless tools. This is why we offer kitchenware crafted with the highest quality materials, made to last and used to create joy.

Japanese blacksmith making kitchen knives
japanese blacksmith forging knives japana
Sakai Kyuba Oishya Santoku Chefs Knife – Green Kitchenware Cooking at home
Smiling women using Sakai Kyuba knives in cooking party

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