Japanese kitchen knives you can be proud of.

Cooking can be a pleasure. Try our unique Japanese kitchen knives loved by home cooks and world’s top chefs.

Superior quality

Our Japanese craftsmen use the finest materials, such as Damascus Steel, to offer you the sharpest, most durable and beautiful knives.

Over 600 years of tradition

We work with family craftsmen from Japan who pass their craft through generations, creating unique, handmade kitchenware.

Timeless durability

We're so sure about quality of our knives, that we offer you a lifetime guarantee for them.

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Japanese Kitchen Knives

Cooking that brings joy

Do you remember the first time you cooked with your grandma or a loved one? The feeling of being in the kitchen, the aromas of delicious food, and the sense of togetherness that cooking brings? At Oishya, we want to help you recreate those cherished memories and create new ones. Where we believe, that cooking is more than just a chore or a task – it’s a way to connect with the people you love and create lasting memories. 

We understand that life can be busy and hectic, with work, family, and other responsibilities. At Oishya, we believe that cooking can be a form of meditation and a way to slow down and savour the moment. Our kitchenware is designed to make cooking easier and more enjoyable, so you can focus on creating delicious memories with your loved ones.

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For the love of mindful cooking

At Oishya our mission is to bring beautiful, premium quality and unique handcrafted products that last. In a time of fast-paced technology and disposable fashion, we are proud to support groups of small family artisans who pride themselves on vigilance and respect for the craft that no machine can replicate. 

All Oishya products like your most loved Japanese kitchen knives are handcrafted using the finest materials and created in small batches to check for quality and ensure they are made to last. We do not use ready-made materials and we do not mass-produce. We believe that truly great products take precision, time and passion.

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High quality materials

Craftsmanship is at the heart of what we do. We don’t use ready-made components, and we don’t mass-produce. 

Instead, we curate, select, and partner with artisans from Japan and Europe who take pride in their craft and create for one-in-a-lifetime kitchenware that lasts for generations. We combine their individual traditions to create unique, minimalist styles that are functional, everlasting and beautiful.

What's behind Oishya

We take inspiration from the Japanese word “oishii,” which means much more than just “delicious” – it’s a word used to describe an enjoyable experience in connection with eating or drinking. To us, Oishya means enjoying the experience of making a home-cooked meal and creating joy.

We guarantee you that each product you’ll get from us will inspire you to make mindful and delicious choices. 

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What our customers say

 Sarah Hetherington-Hooper
Sarah Hetherington-Hooper
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I love, LOVE my Sakai Kyuba knives set. My neighbours bought one a couple of months ago and each time I was visiting them, I was a little bit envious and wanted to get those knives for our household. It was my hubby's birthday last month so I purchased them for the perfect excuse 🙂 Win, win, if you ask me 🙂
Jerrick Phu
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Super-high quality knife with a premium. This Oishya gyuto is of really high quality. I am a perfectionist and have an eye for detail and when I inspected this knife, it did not have any defects. The details on the knife from the blade to the handle are just beautiful and clean. The VG-10 steel is easy to clean and is straight butter and glides when cutting food. One of my sharpest Japanese knives. The pictures online make it seem like the blade is more matte looking like raw carbon steel (which I was hoping for) than what I got, but that's just the stainless steel property of the VG-10. I love the Western profile of this knife with a slightly curved blade as I am a "rocker" vs a "chopper", as compared with my other Japanese knife that has a flatter blade. You may find the tsuchime along with the damascus pattern on other less expensive knives, but what makes this knife unique is the beautiful wa maple burl handle [...]
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An excellent company to deal with. Having now purchased twice from them I would recommend them to anyone looking for high quantity Japanese items . My first purchase was a Nakiri knife which is fantastic. The second purchase was a very nice magnetic knife block, which was damaged in transit but has been replaced quickly and painlessly.
William Gammill
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Sheer pleasure: For starters, their customer service is excellent; Kamila is very considerate. Aside from the beauty of the razor-sharp Damascus steel blades, the handles are exquisite and elegant. Cutting has never before been this fun. It's probably wise to specify in your living trust who you want to inherit them; there may be some hurt feelings by everyone else, but it may help avoid any animated 'food fights.'
Kelly T
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The utensil holder that I ordered is beautiful. Shipping did take some time but was worth the wait! When I finally received the item I was honestly nervous that it looked too small but it was perfect! The craftsmanship is beautiful and well made. The only thing I added were small feet to keep it a little elevated off of the counter from potential oil or spills.
Julia Sy
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The quality of these handmade knifes is fantastic!! The customer support is super quick, helpful and friendly. I really love the history of the female samurai behind the knifes. It's run by women competing in a Male dominated field. I really love to support them 🙂
David Vu
David Vu
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Glad we got this knife! We got these as a gift and these are seriously the sharpest, highest quality knives we have ever owned! The craftsmanship is top notch, its cuts pretty much every meat, veggie, fruit you could imagine effortless and with ease. I am a customer for life, will want to get more to gift for other friends and family!