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Read what other customers are saying

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“Low key obsessed with its one-of-a-kind blue dyed handle… not to mention the sharp Damascus steel”

The Woks of Life

“I absolutely LOVE this knife. Super sharp, versatile, & just so beautiful. The kind of knife that inspires great food.”

Dennis The Prescott

“My Sakai Kyuba, is extremely sharp and it’s kept its edge very nicely without needed to constantly sharpen it. These knives are pricey, but the quality and design is well worth the cost if you are looking to invest in a very special piece of kitchen equipment.”

Pro Home Cooks

“Japana Sakai Kyuba Knife Set: Overall best kitchen knife. To say that these knives are minor works of art is an understatement. Their design, combined with their outstanding performance and traditional craftsmanship, gave them an edge over all the others on our list.”

Luxe Digital

“Besides how incredibly stunning my Japana Knife looks in my kitchen, I must say that one of my favorite features is how lightweight it is. It can slice a hard squash like butter without being heavy and hard to handle like other professional knives”

The Cookware Geek

“When you buy a Japana knife, you are getting a beautiful piece of art with an extraordinary history.”

Absolutely London

“Guau, esta guapisimo. Estoy enamorado. Esto corta (carne) como si fuera mantequilla” English: “Wow, it’s gorgeous. I’m in love. This knife cuts through steak as if it were butter”

La Cocina del Pirata

“Pretty things are rarely functional. Japana knives are the exception.”

Steamy Kitchen

“Without a doubt best knife I’ve ever owned. The craftsmanship is just beautiful.”

Diala's Kitchen

“The knife cuts so perfectly, so clean, incredible product.” “Something really quite special…their products are incredible.”