How to sterilise jars

In the vibrant tapestry of our shared love for the culinary arts, we’re excited to unveil a kitchen secret that’s been a game-changer for many – the meticulous art of jar sterilisation. Knowing your prowess in the kitchen, we’re eager to walk you through the nuanced steps of this culinary journey.

The foundation – why sterilise?

Picture your next culinary masterpiece – perhaps a batch of your renowned homemade pickles or a jar of artisanal jam. The unsung hero behind their success? Pristine, bacteria-free jars. Jar sterilisation ensures that each creation emerges as a standout in the realm of culinary excellence.

The tools of the trade

Every culinary odyssey demands the right tools. For this enlightening journey, gather your jars, lids, a spacious pot, and, of course, your trusty Sakai Kyuba Chef’s knife. Together, we’re setting the stage for kitchen heroics.

Preparing the jars

Much like a painter prepares a canvas, your jars require a thorough wash. Enter our Damascus steel knives – the artisans’ brushes for this part of the process. Cleanliness is paramount, and together, we ensure every jar is a pristine canvas for your culinary creations.


As the curtain rises on this culinary symphony, envision your kitchen transforming into a concert hall. Immerse your jars and lids in a pot of bubbling water – an invigorating onsen experience for your culinary companions. Let the heat dance around them for about 10 minutes, akin to a spa day before their grand debut.

Drying and storing

As the symphony reaches its crescendo, use your kitchen tongs to delicately retrieve the stars of the show – your gleaming jars. Let them air dry, akin to a samurai airing out their armour after a battle. Once dry, they stand ready for their new mission.

Beyond sterilisation

Sterilising jars isn’t just a chore; it’s the prologue to your culinary saga. Opening a jar sealed with freshness feels like unwrapping a gift. With your knife skills, chopping ingredients becomes a seamless dance, each move contributing to the culinary masterpiece.

Oishya’s Expert Tips

In the spirit of shared kitchen wisdom, we offer a few tips:

  • Tip 1: Inspection Is Key – Before each culinary venture, inspect your jars for any imperfections. It’s like our Sakai Kyuba knives – revealing even the tiniest details.
  • Tip 2: Labelling – A well-labelled jar is your culinary treasure map. Let your creativity flow, much like the intricate designs on our Sakai Kyuba knives.
  • Tip 3: Batch Control – Don’t overwhelm yourself. Much like a chef controls the kitchen, you control your batches.

So, dear kitchen comrades, here’s to more culinary adventures and jars full of delicious wonders. Happy Cooking!

Love, Oishya team

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