12 Things Every Home Cook Should Have In Their Kitchen

With all the countless one-purpose kitchen tools out there it can be hard to identify what are the most essential tools in the kitchen. To make your life easier we’ve created an essential kitchen tools list. These tools have endless uses and are worth the investment. They will elevate your cooking experience and make home cooking easier and more enjoyable. 

12 kitchen must have:

1. At least 2 high quality knives 

If you’re going to spend money on one thing in the kitchen, it should be a simple set of quality knives. With just three or four knives you will be able to do almost any cutting task you need. Every cook should be equipped with a quality Chef’s knife for meats and vegetables, a paring knife for smaller, more delicate cutting, a veggie knife for vegetables and fruits and a serrated knife for slicing bread. You can find many essential knife sets with these knives. But if you can only afford one knife, purchase a quality Chef’s knife. This will serve you for 90% of cutting tasks (a clear kitchen must have).  

Sakai Kyuba set

2. Knife sharpening stone

Maintaining your knives sharp is the best way to increase their durability. This is why you should invest on a good sharpening stone and sharpen your knives regularly. Not only will a sharp knife perform better, it is also safer than a dull one. 

japanese waterstone king sharpening stone 1000/6000 combo

3. Wooden spoon

Wooden spoons are one of the best utensils you can have for stirring something on a hot stove. They don’t damage your cooking surfaces and will last forever. We recommend purchasing one with one flat side, this will make it easier for you to scrape the bottom of your bowl or pan.

4. Kitchen scissors

Think about the numerous times you have reached out for a pair of scissors. You use them for countless tasks such as opening sachets, cutting herb stems, and cracking nuts with the handles. We suggest getting a pair that dismantles for cleaning and sharpening so that you increase their longevity. 

japanese scissors shears homeware kitchen accessories dinnerware tableware kitchen tools, kitchen premium wooden tools

5. Non stick pan

This is another must have in every kitchen. Nothing beats a good quality non-stick pan. You will use these for cooking breakfast (eggs and pancakes), searing meats, sauteing vegetables and making sauces. We recommend you get two different sized pans which will allow you to cook two things simultaneously.

cooking pan

6. Saucepan

A saucepan is an essential cooking tool. Saucepans are perfect for cooking things that require liquids: boiling pasta or vegetables, simmering sauces and making soup. If you can only invest in one saucepan, get a large one, this will be perfect for cooking bigger batches and can also be used for smaller quantities. 



7. Sheet pan 

Sheet pans are great due to their multiple purposes. You can use them for roasting vegetables, baking meats, making pizza and baking cooking. If you aren’t a fan of cleaning up, then sheet pan dinners (think meat and veggies) are going to become your new favourite thing.

baking tray

8. Baking dish

Baking dishes are a must if you eat a lot of baked foods. Think lasagnas, casseroles, enchiladas, pasta bakes, etc. We suggest you purchase a glass or ceramic baking dish that is microwave safe. 


9. Colander

Often an overlooked kitchen tool, colanders are extremely handy. They will help you wash fruit and vegetables as well as drain pasta or other boiled foods. Try to purchase a heavy duty colander (either metal or ceramic), these are sturdier than plastic and will last longer. 

10. Cutting board

A good cutting board is key. Not only will it provide a stable surface when cutting food, it will also protect both your knives’ blades and your countertops. It is crucial that you get a high quality wooden chopping board with the right characteristics. By this, we mean: make sure they are light, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and anti-stain, like this Aomori Hiba cutting board. 

wasabi chopping board japanese hygienic hinoki aomori hiba

11. Can opener

This is a tool you won’t want to forget. There are numerous ingredients you will need for cooking that will require a can opener so make sure you have one. And please, do not ever use a kitchen knife as a can opener, this is both dangerous for you and harmful for the knife. 

12. Cooking utensils

This isn’t exactly one tool, but every kitchen requires a selection of cooking utensils. This includes: mixing bowls, spatulas, whisk and tongs. You can often purchase them in sets and will be needed for everyday cooking. 

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