Wall Mounted Magnetic Wood Knife Rack – Brass Walnut 50cm
Wall Mounted Magnetic Wood Knife Rack – Brass Walnut 50cm
Wall Mounted Magnetic Wood Knife Rack - Walnut Brass Knives
brass wooden high quality cover magnetic kitchen knife rack strip japanese knives walnut close up
brass wooden on wall mounted magnetic kitchen knife rack with sakai kyuba knives
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Wall Mounted Magnetic Wood Knife Rack – Brass Walnut 50cm


This is a beautiful and useful addition to your kitchen. Inspired by Japanese simplicity and minimalistic design at its finest, this piece will compliment your kitchen look and help you keep utensils organised and at reach. Simply mount the metal channel to the wall with standard fasteners and hidden magnets will hold the wood piece perfectly within the channel.

– Strong neodymium magnets are embedded inside the wood, securely holding knives of all sizes and weights
– Can fit up to 7 knives
– Designed so that no screws are visible once installed
– Channel: 100% brushed steel, covered in brass
– Non-toxic and food safe
– Lifetime guarantee

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Length: 50cm
Material: Walnut

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Product Description

The magnetic wood rack

This magnetic knife rack is made of the finest walnut wood and brass, with beautifully engraved Oishya kamon symbolising 3 Japanese fans. It’s an elegant and magical drawer-less solution to the storage, perfect for showing off your impressive knife collection to your friends and family.

Strong individual magnets hidden inside the solid wood knife rack will securely hold knives of all sizes, as well as scissors, bottle openers and any other metal utensils. The knife strip has a smooth finish, achieved by applying multiple layers of 100% natural oil. The hand rubbed finish is non-toxic and food-safe.

The holding power of the magnetic knife holder depends upon the size, weight and shape of the object attracted to the board, but will hold even the longest and most impressive sashimi knives you can get hold of. This magnetic rack can also be used as a storage solution for the kitchen, office, bathroom, garage, or entry. A hygienic solution to store chef knives, proof.

Please note that as a handmade product, individual wood and metal characteristics may differ from the ones in the picture.


For a clean and elegant look, this magnetic knife rack has been designed so that no screws are visible once installed. Installation is quick and simple, just hang your rack on two common screws and fixings. The rack’s holes diameter = 8mm.