10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Him (Inspired By Japan)

Our guide will give you plenty of gift ideas to help you choose the perfect gift for him. Whether you’re searching for something traditional, useful or fun, these Japan inspired gifts will be loved by any man.

1. Sake

If you are looking for gift ideas for the man who loves to have a drink or two, sake is a must. Sake is a popular Japanese rice wine, a beverage enjoyed by many in Japan. Hence, a perfect gift for a man who loves trying new drinks or Japan culture enthusiasts.


2. Japanese knife set

For the aspiring chef we recommend a Japanese knife set. Japanese kitchen knives are among the finest knives out there. Forged with the same techniques that were used to make katanas (samurai swords) 1,000 years ago. They are unparalleled in quality, sharpness and durability. Therefore, any knife or Japanese fan will be extremely thankful for such a gift.

Japanese Kitchen Knives by Sakai Kyuba Cooking Knives Set on wooden magnetic knife stand

3. Sushi making kit

Most people are introduced to Japanese culture and food through sushi. This is a great gift idea for a creative man. Let them unleash their inner sushi master with a sushi making kit.

sushi making

4. Japanese cutting board

Japanese cutting boards are great gift ideas for men with a good quality knife collection. After all, a proper, good quality wooden cutting board is essential for looking after your knives and protecting the blade.

aomori hiba japanese cutting board

5. Japanese flash cards

Have a man in your life who loves Japanese culture so much, he keeps saying he is going to start learning Japanese? Why don’t help him make that first step by giving him a set of Japanese language flashcards. Otherwise, how about kanji writing classes?

6. Reusable chopsticks

A Japanese fan is bound to love Japanese food and so use a lot of chopsticks. Therefore, a reusable set of chopsticks is a great gift idea. Check out these brass chopsticks set from Oishya.

brass chopsticks luxury set

7. Book with traditional stories about Japanese culture

This is an ideal gift to help him learn and discover the many wonderful stories that exist in Japanese culture. There are numerous books out there, one of which will be perfect for the receiver.

onna bugeisha female japanese samurai

8. Pair of Japanese scissors

A really good pair of kitchen scissors are indispensable in any kitchen. Japanese scissors come very very sharp and stay that way and they will last a lifetime. Like Japanese knives, Japanese scissors are a piece of art!

9. Subscription to Japanese candy

This is a splendid gift idea for a man with a sweet tooth. Japanese candies are known for their unusual taste and kawaii packages, through a subscription he will receive a monthly surprise box with Japanese delicacies. A perfect gift idea since the man gets to receive multiple presents throughout the year!

10. Japanese whisky

If you’re a fan of giving beverages, sake isn’t your only option. Japan is also known for its top quality whisky. A whisky bottle is a perfect Christmas gift idea for the man who enjoys high-end beverages.

japanese whisky

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