Knife Hacks For Perfect Cutting

In today’s post we have selected 5 knife hacks for perfect cutting.

Knife hack 1: Use the spine of the knife

The spine of the knife is the back of the blade. Although often overlooked, it is very handy for cooking. Use this part of the blade to transfer ingredients from the chopping board to a pot/ bowl. The flat edge of the spine means you will take all the bits of food, so you save time and avoid wasting food. This also helps you protect the blade keeping you from dulling the blade’s edge. It also stops you from scraping or scratching the cutting board.

Knife hack 2: Choose the right knife for the right task

Each knife has a different purpose. Each blade has been specifically designed for a specific task or type of food. For example, Nakiri knives are ideal for vegetables and fruits. So make sure you have the right knife for the task.

For more information on different knife types check out our blog here.

Sakai kyuba santoku blue cutting an onion on walnut cutting board

Knife hack 3: Find a knife that is the right fit for you

Knives vary in both shapes and sizes. Once you select the right knife type for the task you want to do, you need to find a size that is right for you. The different blade lengths and handle materials differ in comfort. Make sure you find a knife that is easy to hold and fits comfortably in your hand. Make sure to test how the knife feels physically, opt for brands that allow for this, check out Oishya’s  50-day stress free return policy.

Knife hack 4 : Hold your knife properly

Holding the knife properly will give you more control over the knife making it easier to slice and dice food. The correct way to do this is to pinch the knife with your thumb and index finger.

Place your thumb on one side of the end of the blade and your index finger on the other. Then curl all your other fingers around the handle.

It will feel odd at first, especially because it is easy to assume all the fingers are meant to be holding the handle. But once you get used to this knife hack you’ll feel liberated and cutting will become easier. It will give you more control over the direction and angle of your cuts, and the knife’s weight will be better distributed in your hand. This makes cutting easier and safer.

sakai kyuba santoku knife cutting onions

Knife hack 5 : Keep your knives sharp

A sharp knife allows you to make quality cuts.  Also, a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one. So one of the most important knife hacks for perfect cutting is making sure your knife is sharp at all times.

Ps: make sure you have the right tools for the job. We recommend sharpening your knives with Japanese Sharpening Stones (Whetstones).

king kw65 1000 6000 sharpening stone whetstone waterstone

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