Best Way To Store Kitchen Knives Around Children

The kitchen is filled with appliances and utensils that can be dangerous to have around children. Kitchen knives are one of the main ones. Therefore, finding the best way to store kitchen knives around children is crucial. Proper knife storage is essential to avoid accidents in the kitchen and care for your knives.

Overall, there are three popular ways to store kitchen knives. These are: Drawer inserts, countertop knife blocks and wall mounted magnetic strips.  So let have a look to see which one is the best and safest way to store kitchen knives around children.

1) Drawers

Pros: Storing kitchen knives in drawers is a good method to use when you have children in the house. The knives aren’t displayed so your children won’t be able to reach them unless they open the ‘knife drawer’.

Cons: Knife drawer storage isn’t the best way to care for your knives. Even if you lay knives our neatly in the kitchen drawer, they will move around whenever the drawer is opened or closed. Overtime, this could harm the knife by either breaking or dulling the blade. And let’s not overlook the obvious hazard that is leaving loose knives in a drawer that can be open by children.

Suggestion: Get drawer inserts made for knives to keep the knives protected. You should also get a safety latch that isn’t easily unlocked by children. This way you wont have to worry about your children finding your knives when playing around with drawers.

 2a) Knife blocks (non-magnetic)

Pros: These are a stylish and easy method for knife storage. If you are to use knife blocks to store kitchen knives around children make sure the block is at a spot that is unreachable for your children.

Cons: Although the blades are hidden from children’s sight, these custom made gaps to fit your knives are impossible to clean. This means that there is a high risk of bacteria and mould build-up which could lead to food poisoning. If your knife block doesn’t come with your knife set, the pre-sized knife slots might fit your knives. So if you are a knife fan like us and buy knives outside a specific block set, this is not the best storage option.

Suggestion: Keep the knife block outside children’s reach at all times. Also, get a block that stores knives sideways to prevent dulling of the knife blades (no vertical knife blocks).

universal knife block

2b) Magnetic knife blocks

Pros: With magnetic knife blocks the blades are on display. So you don’t have to remember which blade went where like in the case of a drawer or block slot. They are a great way to store kitchen knives around children if kept outside their reach. Just put them on a kitchen shelf or at a place in the kitchen counter that is too high or too far for your children to reach. Also, unlike traditional knife blocks, magnetic knife blocks can be cleaned easily so you don’t have to worry about bacteria build-up.

Cons: Like in the case of non-magnetic knife blocks, they need to be positioned outside children’s reach. Children should be taught that knife blocks (magnetic and non-magnetic) aren’t a toy or a decoration they can play with, to help avoid any incidents.

Suggestion: Keep the knife block outside children’s reach at all times. Make sure to get a magnetic block that has magnets embedded in a slab of wood, to avoid the blade getting scraped up by being dragged across a strip of metal.

japanese kitchen cooking knives for home cooks

3) Wall mounted magnetic knife strip

Pros: These are a great option to store kitchen knives around children. You simply mount them on the wall at a height that isn’t accessible to children. It is practical, sanitary and saves counter space. Plus, they come in a range of lengths, so you can buy one that will hold the number of knives you need. And if you need more storage space, simply buy another one and either hang it end to end or stack them vertically.

Cons: Their only downside is that they need to mounted to the wall and outside children’s reach.

Suggestion: Get a magnetic knife strip with hidden magnets and a non-metal surface to prevent damage to the blade. We recommend wooden wall mounted magnetic strips, they are simple and fit in with any type of home decor.

brass wooden on wall mounted magnetic kitchen knife rack with sakai kyuba knives

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