11 Best Kitchen Gifts For Christmas

For too long, kitchen gifts have been associated with poor taste, single use products. Think about the numerous novelty aprons and mugs that you’ve been gifted and never used.

However, kitchen gifts don’t have to be this way. This is why we have identified 11 kitchen gift ideas that people will actually love. Whether you are shopping for a family member, friend or an experienced chef, we got a gift they’ll love and most importantly will use! With Christmas just around the corner, you won’t want to miss out on these!

1. Kitchen knife set

You’ll find plenty of kitchen gifts guides out there swaying you to purchase knife blocks with multiple knives but this is completely unnecessary. As many cooks suggest, you only need 3 or 4 kitchen knives in order to do almost any cutting job in the kitchen. We absolutely love and recommend Oishya’s Sakai Kyuba Set which comes in three colours: blue, green and brown. They are beautiful and handcrafted in Japan by master blacksmiths which ensure they last for generations. This is a perfect gift for a family member or close friend who loves cooking.

japanese kitchen cooking knives for home cooks

2. Wooden chopping board

Cutting boards are often overlooked as presents, but they are one of the most important instruments in the kitchen (that is after knives of course). It is gift that is bound to be used, it will either be added to a collection of cutting boards or replace an old one that should’ve been thrown out for a while. Not only are they an important part of dinner prep, they also help you maintain your kitchen knives and can double as a serving platter. We recommend Oishya’s Aomori Hiba cutting board, it is made out of one of the best materials available for cutting boards. Its long-lasting rich, refreshing wooden smell will put a smile on the face of whoever receives it.

wasabi chopping board japanese hygienic hinoki aomori hiba

3. Wine rack

Have a wine-loving individual to buy a gift for? Don’t go the easy route and get them a bottle of wine, get them something they can keep forever. Why not a wine rack, this way they will be able to display their wine collection at home, and most importantly you won’t have to worry about accidentally getting a wine that isn’t good enough. There are numerous wine racks out there to choose from, but if you are looking for a design that will suit any taste and decor without using a lot of countertop space, this is the one for you. Oak wine rack with two wines on kitchen table

4. Kitchen scissors

This might sound like odd kitchen gifts, but think about it. How many times have you reached for a pair of scissors in your kitchen to cut anything from herbs, to opening sachets, to cracking nuts with the handles? If you want a long-lasting yet beautiful pair of scissors, we recommend Sanjo Diawood. They are made from the same top quality materials as Japanese kitchen knives. They are sharp, well designed and hard wearing.

What is the difference between scissors and shears

5. Magnetic knife stand

For those friends with an outstanding knife collection we recommend a magnetic knife block. They sit effortlessly on your kitchen countertops, without any installation required. Simply, a must-have kitchen accessory to safely store kitchen knives when not in use. It is also the perfect gift to feature one’s beautiful blades as part of the kitchen decor.

Solid Wood Magnetic Knife Stand Block walnut oak kitchenware

6. Magnetic knife rack

An alternative to the magnetic knife block is a magnetic knife rack as these wont take up any countertop space in the kitchen.  It’s an elegant and magical drawer-less solution to the storage, a perfect gift for showing off one’s impressive knife collection.

premium copper brass walnut oak knife magnetic strip rack 11

7. Wooden tray

Have a friend who loves having people over for dinner parties? Feel like they have everything? Don’t know what else they would need? The answer is simple, a wooden serving tray. It will allow them to transport food and drinks from and to the kitchen, as well as display food, treats and appetisers. Trust us, you will see them using it in their next dinner party.

Large oak wooden coffee tray with kintsugi plate

8. Trivet stand

Another extremely useful gift is a trivet stand. These are used to protect your worktop from hot pans and dishes. Oishya’s wooden triple trivet stand, made out of high quality European wood, are beautiful on their own. Their  decorative plain design means they can be left out on display instead of tidying away. A perfect gift!

trivet oak dark walnut food stand wooden kitchen accessories

9. Cast iron teapot

Need a gift for someone who is a fan of tea? This cast iron teapot from Nambu Tekki is ideal. It is a Good Design Award winner kettle that will wow anyone lucky enough to get their hands on it.

Tetu Nambu Cast Iron Teapot Makoto Koizumi

10. Dinnerware

Let’s not forget tableware as a gift. Everyone loves a beautiful porcelain plate set. We adore Oishya’s Kintsugi inspired porcelain plate set. The set contains two plates with an applied layer of 24-carat gold made by a porcelain manufacturer with a history dating back to 1860.

dinner plates kintsugi oishya

11. Kintsugi kit

And finally how about a DIY Kintsugi kit for that one creative friend. It is designed for beginners and semi-professionals. It is an extremely entertaining way to turn broken pottery into a one of a kind masterpiece. Kintsugi kits are truly perfect kitchen gifts for creative homecooks or dinner hosts.


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