Do Magnetic Knife Holders Damage Your Knives?

Today we’ll answer one of the most daunting questions – Do magnetic knife holder, also known as magnetic knife rack, damage knives? We receive daily questions from our troubled customers who consider buying magnetic knife holders but wonder they might impart some magnetism to the blade.  Some worry that the pull of the magnets would start tugging the edge over.

Why you should never buy cheap magnetic knife racks

Many cheap magnetic racks are available on marketplaces – most of them are made in China and India. If you don’t care much about aesthetics, it may be tempting to buy one, especially when seeing many good customer reviews. The trick, however, lays in their durability.

Cheap knife racks are made out of metal or wood grain-imitation materials and smaller, weaker magnets. They are naturally cheaper but are just a waste of money. As soon you will need to buy a new one.

The better the magnets and the wood cut, the more expensive the knife rack will be. One of the highest quality magnets are those made out of neodymium and this is for the classic reason: high demand and low supply – countries producing them are only willing to export a limited amount to the rest of the world. neodymium magnets strong

Also, you’ll be better off getting a magnetic rack that has the magnets embedded in a slab of wood, rather than have the blade get all scraped up by being dragged across a strip of metal. Metal surfaces aren’t the best for the edges. Magnetic racks that are well designed have their wooden part a little bit thicker / higher than the metal cover – this way knives never touch the cover.

magnetic knife racks with metal
Metal surfaces aren’t the best for the edges and can damage the knife’s surface. Splurge on one that has its magnets covered by thin wood.

A magnetic strip performs well, as long as it is really strong

You will not need to worry about slipping. A magnetic knife rack is a great option, especially if you don’t have much counter space. As long as you pick a good magnetic strip, the knives will not slip or fall. That being said, there is a balance. If you choose a magnet too weak, then the knives may slip. If you choose a magnet too strong, then it can take more effort every time to pull the knives out. Not unsafe, but it can be slightly annoying.  If you have more counter space and prefer the ability to move your knife block around (more mobile), then a knife block may be better. Finally, you can continue to keep your knives in the draw –  just get a knife block for the drawer. You can learn more about the pros and cons of all your options here, before deciding which one to get. 

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