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sashimi umami flavour japanese food

What is umami flavour?

Ever wonder what makes Japanese food taste so good? It absolutely has a very distinct flavour, but how would you describe it? A hundred years ago, the distinct flavour of Japanese food lead to the discovery of a brand new flavor: umami. You probably use a few distinct words—sour, bitter, salty, and sweet—in combination when […]

kitchen linen - why linen is one of the best materials for your cooking experience

Why linen is one of the best materials for your kitchen

With endless ready-made and take-away options, cooking at home has become more of a pleasure and a mindful way to spend time with your loved ones, rather than a necessary house chore. And while you’re enjoying yourself in the kitchen creating, from time to time you may end up with a serious mess and many […]

daruma japanese dolls how to use it as talisman wish

What is Daruma Doll and how to use it?

The true story behind the insanely scary yet cute souvenir Many of you have seen Daruma, these scary yet cute traditional Japanese dolls, which in Japan has become a symbol of perseverance and luck. But outside Japan, not many people know of its history, or what hides behind its goofy look and how it can […]

can pregnant women eat sushi

Can pregnant women eat sushi?

Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that consists of cooked vinegared rice served with raw or cooked seafood, vegetables, and sometimes egg or meat (like duck). It is often served with soy sauce and wasabi, for dipping. Sushi is typically rolled into bite-sized pieces using seaweed sheets (called nori) and is often served with pickled […]

how to shop online safely the guide

A Quick Guide To Safe Online Shopping

Online shopping is the most convenient way to shop around, find the best prices, read customer reviews before making a decision and once you do make it, you can have your order delivered right to your doorstep without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. Many online retailers also offer free shipping […]

how to joint a chicken, the gordon ramsay style

How To Carve A Chicken, The Gordon Ramsay’s Style

We don’t know about you but we’re in love with Gordon Ramsay’s cooking and prepping style. That’s why we decided to make a video following his advice on how to joint a chicken with the most important tip being, let the good, sharp knife do the work. Spread the chicken’s legs and pierce the skin […]

sakura cherry blossom

10 Japanese Concepts To Be Inspired And Live By

There are many things that people can learn from Japanese culture and philosophy that can help them live a happier and more fulfilling life. Japanese people are conscious about focusing on the present moment, finding a sense of purpose, cultivating gratitude or practicing self-care. In today’s article we’ll introduce you to 10 beautiful Japanese concepts […]

fish tacos with prawns and salmon

Fish Tacos Recipe | Oishya Cooks

These fish tacos are loaded with fresh ingredients and perfectly seasoned seafood and fish. Use corn tortillas for tacos, not flour ones (if you don’t want to be called gringo! 🙂 Don’t skip the best fish taco sauce – a sour, spicy lime salsa that you will want it on all your tacos. Fish Taco […]

Muhammara recipe

Muhammara w/ Pomegranate And Walnuts | Oishya Cooks

Muhmmara is a delicious walnut and roasted red pepper dip or spread that’s all sorts of savoury, sweet, slightly smoky with a little tanginess. It’s full of vitamins and nutrients and once you try it, you’ll keep making it and will never get bored of it. The word muhammara is from the Arabic word ahmar, which literally means […]

japanese whisky

The Japanese Whisky History: From Reluctance Until Its Glory

Do you know the origins of The Japanese whisky? And did you know that the Japanese did not immediately embrace this barrel-aged grain spirit? Over the years, however, its prominence steadily increased, giving today’s Japan the forth place, just outside the podium of the largest producers of whisky in the world. The history of Japanese […]

chicken butter oishya cooks

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken originated from Northern India in 1948. Prepared in a buttery gravy with the addition of cream gives the sauce a silky smooth rich texture. My version is not so butter heavy, but it’s still yummy. Why butter chicken is one of the best ideas for your Halloween dinner party? Well, it tastes great […]

Cooking together

Top 3 reasons why couples who cook together create stronger relationships

Cooking and relationships: though they may seem like two loosely related areas in life, the truth is they go hand-in-hand. How, you ask? Cooking is an activity, just like any hobby, that allows a couple to connect on a more intimate level, to be creative, have fun and strengthen their relationship. For those who love […]

sakai kyuba kitchen knives japanese homeware kitchenware-760

Top 3 ways to store your kitchen knives (and their pros and cons)

The kitchen is filled with appliances and utensils that can be dangerous to have around children. Kitchen knives are one of the main ones. Therefore, finding the best way to store kitchen knives around children is crucial. Proper knife storage is essential to avoid accidents in the kitchen and care for your knives. Overall, there […]

Chef olivia burt with sakai kyuba knife set in brown and knife stand

How to look after Japanese knives with Chef Olivia Burt

As sellers of quality Japanese knives we often get asked how to look after Japanese knives by our customers. We have written various articles on the subject, which you can find in the “Equipment care” section of our Journal. Yet, this time around we asked Chef Olivia Burt to share some tips as to how […]

sakai kyuba fresh ingredients japanese kitchen knives

Top 5 Reasons To Eat By The Seasons

Nowadays, it’s so easy to transport food long distances that we take it for granted that we can eat fresh strawberries in December or have avocado toast every day. Yet many of us have no clue when fruits and veggies are actually in season where we live.  And there are many reason why you should […]

Roasted cod with pea, edamame and asparagus risotto

Roasted cod with pea, edamame and asparagus risotto

 You’ll need: Cod loin 4 portions of fresh cod loin, skin-on 2 tbsp of olive oil 20g of unsalted butter kosher salt freshly ground black pepper Garlic powder Pea, edamame and asparagus risotto 1l vegetable stock, cubes or fresh 3 garlic clove, peeled and crushed 25g of unsalted butter 150g of asparagus spears, fine 10g edamame 250g […]

wooden spoons utensils top 5 reasons

Why should you cook with wooden spoons – top 5 reasons.

Many of the chefs we work with told us that one of the most favourite kitchen tools they own are… wooden spoons! Since we started the journey of design to introduction of our own, handcrafted wooden utensils in our store, we understood why there is so much love for them. Wooden spoons are works of […]

japana home oishya becoming

Oishya Home is rebranding as Oishya

You may remember us under different name “Oishya” or “Oishya Home”, and you may be wondering why, after 5 years of trading we’ve decided to change our name to Oishya. You may also be wondering what does it mean.It wasn’t an easy decision but we felt that name Oishya no longer represents our mission and […]

chef olivia burt with sakai kyuba knives and western knives

Western vs Japanese knives with Chef Olivia Burt

If you are looking to purchase a new kitchen knife you have probably encountered two important knife types: Western and Japanese kitchen knives. In today’s article, we asked professional Chef Olivia Burt  to talk to us about Western vs Japanese knives and her preferences. In Chef Olivia’s words: What I love about Japanese knives […]

Chef Fulvio Pischedda with Gyuto green

Techniques de coupe avec Chef Fulvio Pischedda

Dans cette article on va voir les principales techniques de coupe et types de coupes. On a demande au Chef Fulvio Pischedda de parler de 4 techniques de coupe différentes qui sont essentielles dans la cuisine. Ces coupes sont: Julienne Brunoise Julienne fine Brunoise fine  Dans le video, Chef Fulvio nous explique les techniques de […]

Chef Fulvio Pischedda with Gyuto green

Knife techniques with Chef Fulvio Pischedda

For this knife techniques article, we collaborated with Paris based Chef Fulvio Pischedda. You will find the full video at then end of this article in which Chef Fulvio covers important knife techniques such as how to hold a knife as well as some essential knife cuts every chef or home cook should know.  How […]

Chef Olivia Burt with Sakai Kyuba knife set in natural brown

How to do the claw grip with Chef Olivia Burt

The claw grip technique is one of the most important cutting skills to learn in the kitchen. It is very simple to learn and extremely helpful to improve your cutting skills and ensure you are safe in the kitchen. It is a fundamental aspect for being safe around knives. It goes without saying that you […]

Chef Olivia Burt holding Sakai Kyuba Santoku knife in natural brown

How to hold a knife – taught by Chef Olivia Burt

The first and most important knife skill you need to learn is how to hold your knife properly. Holding the knife properly will give you more control over the knife which makes it easier to cut and slice food. This strong grip is what allows chefs to chop with great speed as they know the […]

Tzatziki dish

Tzatziki recipe

If you are a fan of Greek food then you must have tried tzatziki. This simple tzatziki recipe will allow you to recreate this perfect Greek dip in the comfort of your own home. It will come in very handy for when you host your next dinner party. What you’ll need: 150g Greek yoghurt 1/2 […]

pancakes recipe

Easy pancakes recipe

Who doesn’t love pancakes? With this easy pancakes recipe you will be making this delicious treat everyday. The only question is: sweet or savoury? What you’ll need: 30 g of butter 1 cup warm water 1cup flour 1 egg 1 cup milk 1 tsp salt Assorting toppings (for sweet pancakes): bananas, berries and nutella. Instructions: […]

Baba ganoush recipe

Baba ganoush recipe

In today’s article we want to share our perfect baba ganoush recipe with you. For those of you who never tried it before, baba ganoush is similar to hummus but it gets its base from aubergines (eggplants) instead of hummus. Much like hummus, baba ganoush is eaten as a dip or spread and pairs perfectly […]

Mango coconut chicken curry

Mango Coconut Chicken Curry Recipe

If you are looking for the perfect mango coconut chicken curry recipe, look no further! The combination of sweet mango and chicken makes this creamy curry mouthwatering. You will find yourself always wanting more of it. What you’ll need: 2 tbs vegetable oil 1 onion 1/2 red bell pepper 2 garlic cloves 2 tbs ginger 2 tbs yellow curry powder 1/2 tbs ground cumin […]

Eggs benedict recipe

Eggs Benedict Recipe

Eggs Benedict have become a must-have for brunch! We have created the perfect eggs Benedict recipe so that you can enjoy this delicious dish from the comfort of your own home. For a proper homemade feel we are also sharing our homemade english muffins recipe. What you’ll need: For the homemade English muffins: 9g active […]

eggplant parmigiana recipe

Eggplant parmigiana recipe

We’ve got the best eggplant parmigiana recipe for you. Eggplant parmigiana also known as aubergine parmigiana or in Italian melanzane alla parmigiana will become your next comfort food. Made with aubergine, tomato sauce, basil, parmesan and mozzarella cheese, there is nothing not to love about it! What you’ll need: 6 aubergines Basil leaves (a handful) […]

summer rollls

Summer rolls with peanut sauce recipe

These summer rolls recipe are quick and easy to make, once paired with their peanut sauce they will become your go-to appetiser recipe. The good thing about summer rolls is that they are incredibly adaptable. You can easily replace shrimp with cooked pork or remove meat altogether for a veggie option. With flexible ingredients, you […]