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Is R2 and SG2 Steel the Same in Japanese Knives?

Greetings, fellow knife enthusiasts and culinary connoisseurs! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of Japanese knife steels, specifically the enigmatic R2 and SG2 steels. As a proud purveyor of handmade Japanese kitchen knives, including our esteemed Seki Kyuba Pro line, we at Oishya are dedicated to shedding light on the intricacies of these high-performance […]

karate martial arts

The Art of Karate: A Journey of Discipline, Strength, and Tradition

Karate, a martial art that originated in Okinawa, Japan, has captivated the hearts and minds of people around the world for centuries. More than just a physical discipline, karate embodies a way of life that focuses on personal growth, self-defense, and the cultivation of a strong mind and body. From its humble beginnings on the […]

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How To: Cutting Tuna Fillets for Tataki (Seared Tuna Slices)

Thinking of making tataki, seared tuna slices? Tuna is an excellent choice for that due to its incredible nutritional profile and ability to be consumed raw safely. This rich, oily fish is packed with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, high-quality protein, and an array of vitamins and minerals. Fresh tuna is an excellent source of niacin, […]

healthy olive oil and what oils to avoid

Mastering Cooking Oils: Oishya’s Expert Advice for Health-Conscious Home Chefs

Cooking oils are an essential part of our daily diet, used in various cooking methods such as frying, sautéing, and baking. However, not all cooking oils are created equal. Some are healthier than others, while some should be avoided altogether. In this article, we will explore the different types of cooking oils, their health benefits, […]

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The Art of Hanko: A Japanese Tradition Meets Sakai Kyuba Craftsmanship

At Oishya, we have a deep appreciation for the rich cultural heritage that infuses every aspect of our Sakai Kyuba knives. From the centuries-old bladesmithing techniques passed down through generations in Sakai, to the elegant wooden boxes that house each knife, we strive to honour the traditions that make Japanese craftsmanship renowned worldwide. One such […]

The Story Behind Sakai Kyuba’s Bugeisha Illustration

Ah, the evolution of Sakai Kyuba knives and the design of our decorative box! Since first time we released our signature Sakai Kyuba back in 2019, lots of things have changed – not only our name (Japana to Oishya). Almost everything, from design and materials of our knife handles, to decorative boxes, to leaflet paper […]

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Food Vending Machines: Japan’s Unique Culinary Experience

When it comes to convenient and innovative dining, Japan truly sets the standard. While vending machines dispensing snacks and beverages are common worldwide, Japan has taken this concept to new heights by offering complete meals through vending machines. This unique culinary experience eliminates the need for face-to-face interactions or cash transactions with cooks or servers, […]

The Great Stainless vs Non-Stainless Debate: A Guide to Japanese Kitchen Knives

For the culinary enthusiast seeking to elevate their home kitchen to professional-grade status, few purchases are more worthy of consideration than a premium, handcrafted Japanese kitchen knife. These blades represent the ultimate intersection of ultra-sharp performance, low-maintenance practicality, and generations of highly-refined metal- and blade-smithing traditions. However, one of the key decisions faced when selecting […]


Choosing the Right Stainless Steel for Your Kitchen Knives: VG10 or AUS10?

When it comes to kitchen knives, the steel used in their construction is one of the most important factors determining their performance, durability, and longevity. Two of the most popular stainless steel varieties for premium Japanese kitchen knives are VG10 and AUS10 – but what sets them apart, and which one is right for your […]

japanese technique of kaizen, constant improvement by oishya kitchenware

The Art of Kaizen: How Oishya Upholds a Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

In the ever-evolving landscape of craftsmanship and quality, one philosophy stands as a timeless beacon, guiding artisans and manufacturers alike towards a path of continuous improvement. This philosophy, deeply rooted in Japanese culture, is known as “kaizen,” and it has become a cornerstone of excellence, transcending borders and industries alike. Kaizen: The Origins of a […]

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Beginning Your Journey With Japanese Kitchen Knives: Individual Knives vs. Sets

The world of Japanese kitchen knives is a captivating realm where centuries-old traditions intersect with modern culinary innovation. As you embark on this journey, one of the first decisions you’ll face is whether to invest in an individual knife or a complete set. This choice can seem daunting, especially for those new to the intricacies […]

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Nature’s Hidden Gems: 15 Edible Flowers to Enliven Your Cooking

When we contemplate flavour enhancers in the kitchen, common ingredients such as herbs, spices, and seasonings frequently spring to mind. However, nature has bestowed upon us a vibrant array of edible flowers that can impart a touch of whimsy, vivid colours, and unique flavours to our culinary creations. From the delicate and fragrant to the […]

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Why are Japanese katanas curved?

Among the legendary weapons that have carved their place in martial history, few command as much mystique and respect as the Japanese katana. This iconic sword, with its distinct curved blade, has captured the imagination of warriors, scholars, and enthusiasts alike, its graceful arc a testament to the ingenious metallurgy and design principles that forged […]

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How The World’s Most Expensive Japanese Swords Are Made

In the annals of Japanese history, few traditions command as much reverence as the forging of Ni-honto, the legendary Japanese swords that have captured the imagination of warriors, scholars and collectors alike. These extraordinary blades, born from the exacting processes of firing and folding rare steel, are not mere weapons; they are living embodiments of […]

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The Art of Japanese Knife Sharpening: Traditional Techniques and Modern Tools

In the world of Japanese kitchen knives, sharpening is an art form deeply rooted in tradition and precision. These finely crafted blades, forged with meticulous care and expertise, demand an equally thoughtful approach to maintaining their razor-sharp edges. From the ancient techniques of the samurai swordsmiths to the modern tools of today, the art of […]

How A Professional Sharpener Sharpens Japanese Kitchen Knife Sakai Kyuba Gyuto (Chef's Knife)

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Sharpening Japanese Knives with Whetstones

If you’ve invested in a set of premium Japanese kitchen knives, you know firsthand the joy of slicing through ingredients with precision and ease. However, maintaining that razor-sharp edge is crucial to ensure your knives continue performing at their best. Enter the art of whetstone sharpening – a traditional technique that has been passed down […]

Japanese Knife Grading System: A Comprehensive Guide by oishya japanese kitchen knives team

Decoding the Japanese Knife Grading System: A Comprehensive Guide

For those starting their journey into the world of Japanese kitchen knives, one aspect that can seem incredibly daunting is understanding the grading system. Unlike their western counterparts, Japanese knives adhere to a unique grading scale that takes into account multiple factors such as steel composition, heat treatment processes, and craftsmanship. This intricate grading system […]

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Why a Marble Mortar and Pestle Belongs in Every Home Kitchen

If you’re looking to take your home cooking to new heights, invest in a high-quality mortar and pestle. This ancient tool has been used for millennia to grind, crush, and blend ingredients—and for good reason. A well-made mortar and pestle puts you in complete control, allowing you to customize the texture and release maximum flavor […]

How to make a beetroot kvass - recipe

Fermented food: Beetroot Sourdough Drink

Beetroot sourdough is a fermented drink made from beetroot, water, and sometimes additional flavourings like garlic, herbs, and salt. This fermentation process not only enriches the liquid with probiotics but also enhances the bioavailability of the nutrients in beetroot, making it a powerhouse of health benefits. Health Benefits Digestive Health: The probiotics generated during fermentation […]

okinawa oishya food culture what do Okinawan people eat and how do they live so long

Okinawa: A Culinary and Cultural Paradise

Okinawa Prefecture, comprising over a hundred islands in the East China Sea, represents a distinct blend of cultures, histories, and traditions. This diversity is the result of its historical role as a hub for East Asian maritime trade and its more recent history under American administration following World War II. These influences have woven a […]

shokuhin sampuru fake plastic food on display in Japanese restaurants in Japan, ramen bowls hanging on the wall -

A Taste of Illusion: Exploring Shokuhin Sampuru, Japan’s Craft of Creating Lifelike Fake Foods

Shokuhin Sampuru, or food samples, is a unique aspect of Japanese culture that beautifully blends culinary art with craftsmanship. Originating in Japan during the early 20th century, these lifelike food replicas have become an integral part of the country’s culinary landscape. The inception of Shokuhin Sampuru is as fascinating as the craft itself. It began […]

kimchi in the jars how to make a healthy kimchi recipe

Why is kimchi so healthy + recipe

Kimchi, a staple in Korean cuisine, has transcended its cultural origins to become a global phenomenon. This traditional dish, typically made from fermented vegetables like napa cabbage and Korean radish, is much more than a side dish; it’s a symbol of Korean heritage and culinary artistry. The history of kimchi dates back to ancient times, […]

nagomi, a way of japanese life tips on Japanese culture and customs of living a happy mindful life

Introduction to Nagomi: Harmony in the Japanese Way of Life

Nagomi (和み), a profound concept in Japanese culture, embodies the essence of harmony and balance. It’s not merely a word; it represents an ideal, a way of living that permeates through every facet of life, from personal spaces and relationships to culinary practices and mindfulness. At its core, Nagomi is about finding peace and contentment […]

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The Difference Between Chopsticks : Japanese Vs. Chinese Vs. Korean

Chopsticks, more than mere utensils for eating, are cultural artefacts that reflect the deep-rooted traditions and customs of the societies that use them. In East Asia, particularly in Japan, China, and Korea, chopsticks are not only integral to dining but also vary significantly in design, material, and usage, mirroring the unique aspects of each culture. […]

are japanese knives worth their price explanation

Why Are Japanese Knive Worth Their Price?

In the world of culinary arts, the choice of tools is as vital as the ingredients used. Among these tools, Japanese knives are highly esteemed for their exceptional craftsmanship and performance. This article explores these exquisite knives, with a focus on the renowned Sakai Kyuba and Seki Kyuba ranges, offered by Oishya, a provider of […]

Damascus steel nowadays is made by Japanese finest blacksmiths

Where Is Damascus Steel Really From?

The timeless allure of Damascus steel Damascus steel, a term that evokes images of ancient warriors and exquisite craftsmanship, remains one of the most fascinating materials in metallurgy. Its distinctive wavy pattern, not just aesthetically captivating but also a marker of exceptional quality, continues to intrigue both historians and craftsmen alike. This legendary steel, known […]

how to sterilising jars

How to sterilise jars

In the vibrant tapestry of our shared love for the culinary arts, we’re excited to unveil a kitchen secret that’s been a game-changer for many – the meticulous art of jar sterilisation. Knowing your prowess in the kitchen, we’re eager to walk you through the nuanced steps of this culinary journey. The foundation – why […]

Japanese knives: how to spot the real deal vs. a knock-off?

So, you’ve decided to upgrade your kitchenware, moved to a new house, or perhaps you’ve heard that Japanese knives make the perfect, personal gift? You’re in for a treat! Japanese knives are not just tools; they’re a gateway to a world of culinary craftsmanship, precision, and tradition. Whether you’re a passionate home cook, an adventurous […]

colourful food

What Does the Colour of Your Food Mean?

A well-balanced, nutritious meal is typically brimming with a multitude of hues, particularly when incorporating fruits and vegetables. Frequently, we have inclinations towards foods of specific colours without being consciously aware. Chefs and culinary enthusiasts have long discerned the artistic potential of colours in their creations. The culinary landscape has borne witness to a revival […]

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When to Replace Your Trusty Cooking Knives: A Comprehensive Guide

Cooking knives are the unsung heroes of the kitchen, tirelessly assisting us in preparing delicious meals day in and day out. As they become an integral part of our culinary adventures, it’s essential to recognize when it’s time to bid farewell to our faithful companions and invest in new blades. Knowing when to replace your […]