Wooden Kitchen Utensils Holder – Walnut


Wooden Kitchen Utensils Holder in dark European walnut wood with a sleek cut at the bottom for a drain. Handcrafted in Central Europe for Oishya. It can be used for many different things such as dried flowers, stationary, herbs, etc. It’s a perfect gift for housewarming, birthday and anniversary. There is a choice between two natural woods; Walnut or Oak. All finished with a satin varnish.
– Internal dimensions: 16cm x 16cm x 9.5cm,
– Wall thickness: 1cm

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Material: Walnut

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Product Description

This Wooden Kitchen Utensils Holder is made of Walnut which is an excellent choice in the kitchen. Its vivid colour and mesmerising wood structure are some of its main appeals. Walnut wood is safe (allergies and sensitivities notwithstanding) as long as you don’t eat it.


Our wooden products such as this Walnut Wooden Kitchen Utensils Holder are made of solid natural wood and have been treated with food safe oil for protection and colour highlighting purposes. Because every single piece is made by craftsmen with delicate care, we cannot produce on a large scale, however, we always check the quality ourselves under the strict inspection criteria for you, our important customers. You can feel the craftsman’s soul when you see our products’ finishing surface.

This Utensils Holder goes perfectly with our Dark Walnut Kitchen Utensils 6 Pieces Set.