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Is it better to buy a kitchen knife set or individual knives?

One of the most popular questions that arise when investing in new kitchen knives is whether to buy a kitchen knife set or individual knives. This article will help you evaluate which option is better for you.

The benefits of a kitchen knife set

Having a kitchen knife set has become widely popular. A kitchen knife set can upgrade your kitchen making your countertop look more stylish and help homecooks feel more like a professional chef. Therefore, it has become a go-to purchase for individuals trying to up their kitchen game. 

Furthermore, buying a kitchen knife set means that with one purchase you end up with a wide range of knives that will help you with almost every cutting task in the kitchen. 

Likewise, a kitchen knife set makes it easier when buying sharpening tools. After all, all the blades will be made of the same material, edge grind, angle and style. This wouldn’t be the case if you were to buy your knives individually, as each blade might need a different sharpening tool.

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More isn’t always better

However, having a large range of knives is not necessarily a good thing. A kitchen knife set often comes with a large number of knives you never need nor use. For instance why should you have a meat carving knife if you are vegetarian? Or what is the purpose of having a 12 piece kitchen knife set if you only use 3 of them? 

Long story short, you don’t really need a large range of knives. This is why before buying a knife set, think about what knives you are constantly using in the kitchen. These are the main (and maybe only) knives you may need in your kitchen. 

Look for a kitchen knife set that has the knives you want. So instead of spending on a kitchen knife set packed with knives you won’t use, opt for a smaller one with just the knives you need. If you are unable to find a kitchen knife set with the knives you need then buy your knives separately. Use your money wisely and buy fewer but better quality knives that will last a lifetime.

What knife types should I have?

When buying individual knives, you should choose your knife types based on your cooking needs. Most cooks agree that three or four knives will enable most of your culinary projects, these are:

Therefore, If you’re looking for an ultimate experience, you should consider investing in a 3 or 4 piece kitchen knife set; including The Gyuto (The Chef’s Knife), The Petty (Paring/Utility Knife), The Nakiri (Veggie/Fruit Knife) and a Serrated knife.

Kitchen knife set or individual knives

To sum up, if you aren’t able to find a kitchen knife set that comes with the knives you want and will use most frequently, opt for buying knives individually. However, keep in mind that you only really need 3 knives to do almost every cutting job in the kitchen.

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