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Japana Home Is Rebranding As Oishya

You may remember us under different name “Oishya” or “Oishya Home”, and you may be wondering why, after 5 years of trading we’ve decided to change our name to Oishya. You may also be wondering what does it mean.It wasn’t an easy decision but we felt that name Oishya no longer represents our mission and vision for the company – helping create joy through food.
When choosing the new name, we took an inspiration from the Japanese word “Oishii”. Although often mistranslated to mean delicious, the word Oishii means much more than that. It means enjoyable experience in connection with eating or drinking. For instance, having a wonderful experience with your friends and family eating food together can be described as oishii. To us Oishya means enjoying the experience of making a home cooked meal and creating joy. Sharing and preserving traditions. Discovering cultures through food. Caring for each other and sharing love.

Another strong fact speaking for a name change is that we no longer sell only Japanese products. Our core products – kitchen knives will always be made in Japan, where the quality and the history simply can’t be beaten.
However, over the years we’ve introduced complimentary to our knives products such as wooden knife storage, trays, porcelain inspired with Japanese concept of kintsugi.
Our aim has always been to provide high quality while making it in a sustainable, conscious way. That’s why rather than bringing wooden products across the world we can make our own here in Europe, collaborating and supporting the most talented, family-run workshops. We curate and support excellent craftsmanship of all form and origin, offering you highest quality, durable and beautiful kitchenware with a history.

So who is an Oishya fan? Person who loves to cook. Someone who is curious of discovering new tastes, cultures, the world. You may not call yourself the greatest cook, and you allow myself to be imperfect. To experiment. You take a great joy of creating something for your close ones.
We exist for you.

See our latest promo video showing our new mission:

Here is to the beautiful journey together 🥂.

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