Petty (also known as utility) are the most commonly used kitchen knives in most home kitchens. The blade is normally between 100mm & 150mm in length, has a narrow slim blade and can be used for peeling, paring and slicing. This style for blade is known as Petit in Japan. The longer the length of the petty/utility knife, the larger the food you can cut. Longer blade makes it also easier to use for slicing. This knife type should not be used for chopping because the hand knuckle holding the knife will stop the back end of the knife edge and you will not be able to get perfectly clean cuts. The same situation will happen if you try to use a classic rolling cut action. Be careful as there is a danger of cutting your knuckle, as the knife needs to be guided and controlled by the hand knuckle holding the food in a claw with the finger tips – well away from the knife edge.