These are generally between 165mm and 240mm in length, wide at the handle end. You can comfortably and safely use a chef’s knife for chopping and cutting with a rolling action. The blade has slightly curved edge with a straight part at the handle end, so that it is easier to roll the blade. Slicing right through the cut is also immensely easy with this knife. This type of edge profile also facilitates clean cut chopping with the back end of the knife, with the tip on the cutting surface during the chopping action. When you wish to be preparing more raw meat and fish than fruit and vegetables, look for a blade that is narrower at the tip end – a Gyuto or Bunka are a good choice. Gyuto also makes a very good carving knife, that can double as a multipurpose knife for everyday use. If preparing more vegetables than raw meat and fish then the Santoku or Funayuki are the best choice. Santoku is also an excellent in chopping herbs and small greens.