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The wooden wine rack

This eye-catching design looks stunning in your contemporary kitchen. The handcrafted wine rack is 17 mm thick and stores bottles sideways. Not only is this optimal for freshness and flavour (as it prevents dry corks and wine oxidation), it also makes the best use of a limited table or countertop space. Its understated design suits any taste in decor while showing off your wine and sake collection. These exquisite wine racks are very attractive and original pieces that will showcase your best wine treasures. Crafted from walnut wood, this produces a strong and naturally durable wine rack, and the heartwood shows desirable mottled effects. It makes for a great gift.


Please note that each knife rack is handmade, hence individual wood characteristics may differ from the ones in the picture. We always check the quality ourselves under our strict inspection criteria for you, our important customers. You can feel the craftsman’s soul when you see our products’ finishing surface.