What's the best knife storage?

Proper knife storage keeps knives  safe & sharp.

Knife drawer



Which option  is the best?

Knife block

Magnetic stand

Magnetic wall strip

Knife  Drawer

Pros: Frees up counter space. You can put safety locks to keep out of children’s reach.

Knife  Drawer

Cons: Hard to find drawer inserts that fit your knives. Knives move around making the blades dull or even break.

Knife Block

Pros: Stylish and easy method for storage. Can have all knives in one place. Avoids accidents between knives and fingers when reaching for knives.

Knife  Block

Cons: Pre-sized knife slots may not fit your knives. Gaps are impossible to clean and will build up bacteria. If the knife is stored vertically, the edges will dull.

Pros: Look stylish. Blades are displayed easier making it easier to grab the correct knife. Easy to clean.

Magnetic Knife  Stand

Magnetic Knife  Stand

Cons: If magnets are exposed they will damage the blade. So, opt for a non-metal surface like wood. Can’t hold ceramic knives.

Pros: Practical, sanitary and saves counter space. Keep blades stable, avoiding damage to the edge. Comes in different lengths and can add more for extra storage.

Magnetic Wall Rack / Strip

Magnetic Wall Rack / Strip

Cons: Need to be mounted on the wall. Can’t hold ceramic knives.

The choice is yours. Find the storage solution that works best for your knives and kitchen.

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