Types of  Japanese Knives  And Their Purpose

Japanese knives are unmatched in quality, sharpness and durability.

Learn what each of Japanese Knives is used for

Originally designed for cutting beef, its name translates to “cow sword”.

The Gyuto

Now, it is a must have knife in the kitchen as they are very versatile – they can easily cut meat, vegetables and fruit.

The Santoku

Another type of Chef knife. Its name means  “three virtues”: working with meat, fish and vegetables, or slicing, dicing and chopping.

Shorter than a long chef knife, with a wide, flat blade and slightly rounded tip. Santoku knives are true all-purpose workhorses.

The Nakiri

Designed for cutting vegetables. It features a thin and wide straight blade that can cut through long items and make super thin slices.

Perfect for more fleshy structured vegetables and fruit like potatoes or butternut squash.

The Petty

Smaller version of a Chef’s knife. It is a small general-purpose knife.

An ideal alternative to Gyuto or Santoku for people with smaller hands.

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