Oishii means much more than delicious.

The most common use for oishii in Japanese is to describe food or drinks. When you enjoy the food you're having, you can say it’s “oishii!”. However, there is much more to oishii than this. Let's explore it.

おいしい !!

Talking about food and drink is one way the word oishii is used. This is the first definition that Japanese learners ever learn and by far, the most typical.

Japanese people occasionally use the word oishii to describe things they can't actually taste. Clean air can be "tasted" to describe such things (oishii) or a delicious restaurant. 

おいしい can also be used as an adjective to indicate things that are appealing or attractive, most often opportunities or offers.

That's why we chose to call our brand Oishya.

Now you see that our name is not a coincidence. When choosing the company’s name we took inspiration from “oishii” expression. To us, (and most Japanese people) this word means so much goodness. 

When you think of Oishya and use our products, we want you to feel exactly the same as when Japanese say "oishii" - when they have enjoyable experience in connection with eating or drinking. Like a wonderful experience with your friends and family eating together. Or enjoying the beautiful nature by yourself.

To us Oishya means all the goodness that tasty food with your loved ones brings into your life.

What does Oishya mean to you?

We hope sharing food with your loved ones makes you appreciate and cherish all the beauty around you even more.  Because there is so much of it!