Is it a bad luck to gift a knife?

You found the perfect knife to gift your love one. But then you remember an old superstition in which it is bad luck to give a knife as a gift and don’t know what to do. Don’t worry! If you believe in this superstition, there are still ways to gift a knife and do not bring a bad luck :) 

According to superstition, a knife presented as a gift will sever the friendship between the giver and the recipient. The only way around this is to attach a penny (or a coin of symbolic value) to the knife.

The coin must be promptly removed and returned to the giver as a form of symbolic payment. This transaction prevents the relationship from cutting. The knife is seen as instantly “purchased,” which releases the giver from any negativities that might have otherwise resulted from its use.

Sakai Kyuba come with the coin

When you purchase Sakai Kyuba knife from us, inside the beautiful box, you’ll see a beautiful note with a genuine Japanese 5  yen coin for luck.

Go-en means connection

The Japanese for five yen go en (五円) is a homophone with go-en (御縁), which means relationship, connection and bond. So by exchanging this coin with the receiver you no longer have to worry about this superstition

A Japanese knife is a gift for life!

There you go. You no longer need to worry about gifting a knife being considered a bad luck. What's more, such gift will render happiness for many years and generations, when well cared for. 

Our Sakai Kyuba knives come with a lifetime guarantee in a handcrafted, minimalist wooden box wrapped in a unique illustration strip. Can you think of a better gift?

Quality that lasts for generations.