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cushions how to decorate your home

10 Tips On How To Decorate Home With Cushions

Once reserved for the royal and wealthy, cushions are now an item of accessible luxury that completes spaces ranging from living rooms, bedrooms, outdoor seating areas or fancy co-working spaces. Deceptively named ‘throw cushions’ or ‘scatter cushions,’ mixing and matching these decorative pillows actually requires a little bit of know-how to get that timeless, yet […]

japanese cushion symbols decorative

Japanese Embroidery and Kimono Symbol Meanings

Symbols and motives have always been an integral part of Japanese art, both in traditional and modern designs. Hence, there is a meaning behind each Japanese embroidery and kimono symbol. You can find symbols at Oishya that have been subtly integrated into products. For example, our logotype is an ancient Japanese crest representing 3 geisha […]

japandi scandinavian japanese minimalism

Japandi – Merging Japan And Scandinavia In Your Home Decor

Often, mixing two styles is better than one. Interior design is no exception. Japandi, one of the ever-trending styles is an absolute proof of that. This hybrid aesthetic combines the modern-cool vibe of Scandinavian — or Nordic — designs with warm-like-yet-traditional elegance that’s associated with Japanese styles. Together, they’re our favourite take on minimalism (and […]

magnetic knife rack stand holder

6 Magnetic Products That Will Make Your Life In The Kitchen Easier

Magnets are an overlooked and under-appreciated ally in a kitchen storage and its organisation. This is especially true in small kitchens with few cabinets and paltry counter space. In this article we’re selected top 6 – in our opinion – most clever products that use magnets to help keep what you need at hand, giving […]

japandi scandinavian japanese minimalism

Why Minimalistic Interiors Are Good For Your Wellbeing

It’s a messy world and we all get the urge to try and organise what’s around us. How to get going around this smartly? The solution: minimalism Although it may feel like it, minimalism is not a modern lifestyle choice. Its roots go back as early as the 6th century BC.  Some of history’s most venerated religious and […]

wooden magnetic rack buy best place to hang it

10 Best Places to Hang A Magnetic Knife Rack

Previously we’ve discussed how to best store your sharp knives and other metal objects. We looked at knife drawers, knife blocks and magnetic knife racks. Our verdict was inevitably 100% for the racks. Today, we will discuss on where to hang these amazingly useful kitchen accessories – and there are quite a few ways to utilise them. […]

Declutter the kitchen keep it minimal

Declutter Your Kitchen Using Japanese Methods

Some people can live with a messy home office or a disorganised bedroom closet. That’s not acceptable with the kitchen. We all have to eat. If the kitchen is a mess, it can have a real impact on your lifestyle. That’s why it’s extremely important for your wellbeing to declutter and organise your kitchen space. […]