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how to achieve zen guide

10 Steps to Achieving Flow – Zen and Happiness At Work

Have you ever lost yourself in a project, so much so that you completely lost track of time? Being consumed by a task like that, while it can be rare for most people, is a state of being called Flow. And flow leads to happiness at work. From endless hours spent completing assignments at the […]

macrobiotics japanese diet healthy

Macrobiotics: A Japanese Concept for Balance In Your Diet

Macrobiotics is all about eating in balance. Japanese philosopher George Ohsawa developed this increasingly popular diet. He believed in a holistic approach to health that incorporates many aspects of one’s lifestyle: diet, exercise, meditation and ‘yin and yang’ energy of particular foods. He suggested that health was directly linked and guided by nature. Thereby, eating […]

wabi sabi kintsugi japanese philosophy

Wabi-Sabi: How To Embrace This Ancient Japanese Philosophy At Home And Life?

Does your to-do list look like a never-ending chore? Do you feel the constant need to keep refreshing your wardrobe and improving your home to be “within trends”? Are you always buying new things, only for the shine to eventually wear off? Then you need to learn from the ancient Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi and […]

minimalist photo japandi happiness less is more

Less (Stuff) Is More (Happiness): The Rise Of Minimalism Over Materialism

As a lifestyle ethos, minimalism encourages people eschew materialistic tendencies by spending their money on experiences rather than possessions. Popularised by nomads and driven by social media influencers, it has its strong grounds in science. A 20 year study conducted by Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University, reached a powerful and straightforward […]

ikigai japanese secret to a happy life

Ikigai – Japanese Secret To A Long And A Happy Life

The Japanese island of Okinawa nicknamed the Village of Longevity has residents with the highest life expectancy in the world. They also largely share a devotion to a Japanese philosophy known as ikigai (pronounced Ick-ee-guy), translated in a simple meaning as the happiness derived from being busy at some activity that holds meaning and purpose for […]

japandi scandinavian japanese minimalism

Why Minimalistic Interiors Are Good For Your Wellbeing

It’s a messy world and we all get the urge to try and organise what’s around us. How to get going around this smartly? The solution: minimalism Although it may feel like it, minimalism is not a modern lifestyle choice. Its roots go back as early as the 6th century BC.  Some of history’s most venerated religious and […]

japanese onsen hot springs

Japanese Onsen: The Healing Power Of Water

If you’ve never heard of or tried onsen before – you don’t know what you’re missing. An onsen is a hot natural spring where you can relax both body and mind. As Japan is situated in a volcanic area, thousands of onsens are scattered across the country in both urban and rural settings. Onsen hot […]

mindfulness calm japanese minimalism what to

Danshari – Decluttering For A Happier Life

There’s a new movement raising around the world. Perhaps you’ve heard of it: Danshari. Its three kanji characters signify, respectively, refusal, disposal and separation. You can simply translate it as cleaning or tidying up, but there are psychological and even religious dimensions, deriving in part from buddhism and yoga, which suggest the disposal of mental, along with […]

japanese forest bathing japanese zen

Japanese Minimalism: What Japan Can Teach You About Living Simply

In last years Europe has created a fascination for Scandinavian minimalism and simple, natural living. However, Scandinavians were not the only one who are in love simplicity – just look at Japan. Despite their vast distance, Japan and Sweden have similar design sensibilities. Like Scandinavia, Japan upholds design principles that use natural materials, clean lines, […]