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Oishya Sakai Kyuba brown nakiri on Sakai Kyuba boxes

12 things every home cook should have in their kitchen

With all the countless one-purpose kitchen tools out there it can be hard to identify what are the most essential tools in the kitchen. To make your life easier we’ve created an essential kitchen tools list. These tools have endless uses and are worth the investment. They will elevate your cooking experience and make home […]

aomori hiba kitchen cutting chopping board japanese knives wooden cutting boards

What wood is best for cutting boards & butcher blocks?

If you think about it, cutting boards are very versatile and one of the most valuable accessories in your kitchen. It acts at any given moment as a chopping block, food preparation surface, or serving station—sometimes all three. Therefore it’s essential that this can’t-live-without kitchen accessory be made of a high quality, everlasting material. Wood […]

Japanese Scissors Sakai Kyuba x Oishya Kitchen

What Is The Difference Between Scissors And Shears?

Scissors and shears are different tools designed for different applications, but are often thought to be the same thing. For a better understanding, in this article, we highlight the main differences between these two via a shears vs. scissors comparison. What are scissors? Scissors are multipurpose cutting tools that are found in almost all homes, […]

magnetic kitchen knife stand block

How To Use Magnetic Knife Racks?

Although the way to store knives on magnetic rack should seem like a no-brainer, it may actually create a lot of confusion to some people. In a wall-mounted knife rack, do the knives go blade pointing up or down? At first it looks like it doesn’t really matter, but does it? There are only so […]

end grain wood cutting board

Differences Between End Grain Vs. Edge Grain x Cutting Board

We’ve covered essentials on cutting boards in our last article, but as with everything in life, you can always keep digging and learning more and more specifics which can help you to find the perfect product. Same with such a simple product – one could think – as a chopping board. Some people value good price over […]

wasabi chopping board japanese hygienic hinoki aomori hiba

How To Choose The Best Cutting Board?

If you are investing in the kitchen equipment – such as finer knives, then it’s wise to be looking after them by investing in a good chopping board. The cutting board is perhaps the most essential (after knives) tool in your kitchen for meal prep. Picking a chopping board is actually easy once you learn […]

magnetic knife rack damage or not

Do Magnetic Knife Holders Damage Your Knives?

Today we’ll answer one of the most daunting questions – Do magnetic knife holders, also known as racks, damage knives? We receive daily questions from our troubled customers who consider buying magnetic knife holders but wonder they might impart some magnetism to the blade.  Some worry that the pull of the magnets would start tugging […]

Wooden Kitchen Utensils Holder in Walnut with Wooden Kitchen Utensils Holder in Oak with Dark Walnut Kitchen Utensils 6 Pieces Set

The Ultimate Kitchen Tool Essentials List (Our Top 8)

If you’re you are looking for the list of the best and cheapest kitchen appliances and accessories from Amazon or Ikea – this is not the place.   If you’ve ever attempted to purchase cookware for a new kitchen or simply tried to improve the quality of tools in your current kitchen, you’ve probably found that […]

Aomori Hiba: The Tree Of Life

In Japan, there is a saying that goes, “In a house made of hiba, mosquitos do not come for 3 years“. To celebrate our new Aomori Hiba cutting boards, we give you a look into the fascinating history and properties of the prized hiba tree.Hiba arborvitae is a member of the cypress family Thujopsis dolabrata that is native to […]

knife magnetic rack storing safe knives children wood magnet strong

8 Ways To Use A Magnetic Kitchen Knife Rack

Magnetic knife holders (also called magnetic knife racks or magnetic knife strips) are a great way to keep your knives at the ready and safely out of reach for your little ones. However, they’re also useful for keeping other household items organised and easy to grab. (That is, provided they’re a good amount of metal […]