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How to Kintsugi: 3 Step DIY Tutorial

For detailed instructions for How to Kintsugi in Japanese and English check out this DYI tutorial This is a 3 Step Turorial for our Minowa Premium Japanese DIY Kintsugi Kit   About the art of Kintsugi The practice of Kintsugi is a reflection of the Japanese Wabi Sabi principal (originally derived from traditional Buddhist teachings), […]

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Valentine’s day ideas for quarantine

Don’t let quarantine and social distancing stop you from celebrating Valentine’s day with your significant other. Here are 10 Valentine’s day ideas for quarantine to have a memorable Valentine’s Day at home.    1. Cook a romantic dinner  Don’t let the fact that restaurants are closed in your city stop you from having a delicious […]

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15 Creative Hobbies to Bring More Balance Into Your Life

With social distancing taking place during the coronavirus outbreak, many of us wonder what creative hobbies to embrace to pass time. After all, catching up on TV and reading novels can become repetitive after some time. This is why we have come up with a list of 15 creative hobbies you can easily start (9 […]

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How To Ikebana – The Japanese Art Of Flower Arranging

A single stem never dies – goes the message from the Japanese floral philosophy of Ikebana. This isn’t a new concept. Far from it. In fact, Japanese Shinto priests – Japan’s indigenous religion – offered evergreen branches to the spirits for centuries to try to capture natural beauty. Then when buddhism came along in the […]

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How To Kintsugi DYI – Japanese Art Of Kintsukuroi Repair

Ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi (also known as Kintsukuroi) literally translates as “golden joinery”. Fixing prised and valuable porcelain is nothing short of an art form in Japan. The Japanese have been using lacquering techniques for approximately 9000 years. No wonder why this skill and art form is still valued to this day. In today’s […]