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Kintsugi Collection Fine Bone China Porcelain Set - Plates, Tea Cups, TeaPot, Bowl

Is Fine Bone China cruelty-free?

What is Fine Bone China? Fine Bone China (FBC) is a type of chinaware. Please note that chinaware did not originate in China, it’s merely the name given to fine and ornamental ceramic tableware. Like its name suggests, traditional Fine Bone China has bone components. To be more specific, it is a type of porcelain […]

sakai kyuba classic cherry nakiri vegetable premium japanese knife

Wooden handles: Maple burl vs Cherry wood

Before we can go into the details of each wood type, we must identify what makes wooden handles so good. So why opt for wooden handles? Wood is natural material that is warm to the touch, comfortable to hold and long lasting. Therefore, it is no surprise that wood has been widely used as a […]

aomori hiba kitchen cutting chopping board japanese knives wooden cutting boards

What wood is best for cutting boards & butcher blocks?

If you think about it, cutting boards are very versatile and one of the most valuable accessories in your kitchen. It acts at any given moment as a chopping block, food preparation surface, or serving station—sometimes all three. Therefore it’s essential that this can’t-live-without kitchen accessory be made of a high quality, everlasting material. Wood […]

Santoku vs Gyuto Mediterranean blue in walnut tray

Santoku Vs. Gyuto – What’s The Difference?

If you don’t own yet any Japanese kitchen knife, the exotic sounding names – gyuto, santoku, nakiri, sujihiki, deba etc. probably don’t ring any bell. Even if you’re a knife expert, familiar with all the different types of steel and different edge grinds, you might not know about the unique names that the Japanese use for their […]

end grain wood cutting board

Differences Between End Grain Vs. Edge Grain x Cutting Board

We’ve covered essentials on cutting boards in our last article, but as with everything in life, you can always keep digging and learning more and more specifics which can help you to find the perfect product. Same with such a simple product – one could think – as a chopping board. Some people value good price over […]

wasabi chopping board japanese hygienic hinoki aomori hiba

How To Choose The Best Cutting Board?

If you are investing in the kitchen equipment – such as finer knives, then it’s wise to be looking after them by investing in a good chopping board. The cutting board is perhaps the most essential (after knives) tool in your kitchen for meal prep. Picking a chopping board is actually easy once you learn […]

super aogami shirogami difference steel

The Difference between Aogami #2 and Aogami Super Blue

The Queen of the steels – Aogami Blue Super (Hitachi Metals Ltd.) is one of the greatest Japanese Carbon Steels. In addition to containing more Carbon, Chromium and Tungsten than Blue Steel No.1, it also includes Molybdenum. It has a very good edge sharpness and excellent edge retention.  It is also capable of attaining high […]

shirogami aogami steel japanese knives

Shirogami (#1) & Aogami (#2) Steels – The Difference

In this article, we will explain the differences between Shirogami (also called #1 steel) and Aogami (also called #2 steel). The words Ao and Shiro mean blue and white. Gami means metal. The numbers 1 and 2 are grade differences. It all has to do with the carbon content and the alloy content. Shirogami Steel […]

steel cut japanese knife

Guide To The Best Knife Steel: VG10, Blue Steel And More

Whether you’re a professional kitchen chef or an amateur cook, Japanese knife you should pay particular attention to the type of steel used in the blade when choosing your kitchen knives. Steel is really the essence of the blade and primarily responsible for how the knife performs. Steel is essentially an alloy (i.e. a mix) […]