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sashimi umami flavour japanese food

What is umami flavour?

Ever wonder what makes Japanese food taste so good? It absolutely has a very distinct flavour, but how would you describe it? A hundred years ago, the distinct flavour of Japanese food lead to the discovery of a brand new flavor: umami. You probably use a few distinct words—sour, bitter, salty, and sweet—in combination when […]

Chef Fulvio Pischedda with Gyuto green

Techniques de coupe avec Chef Fulvio Pischedda

Dans cette article on va voir les principales techniques de coupe et types de coupes. On a demande au Chef Fulvio Pischedda de parler de 4 techniques de coupe différentes qui sont essentielles dans la cuisine. Ces coupes sont: Julienne Brunoise Julienne fine Brunoise fine  Dans le video, Chef Fulvio nous explique les techniques de […]

Chef Fulvio Pischedda with Gyuto green

Knife techniques with Chef Fulvio Pischedda

For this knife techniques article, we collaborated with Paris based Chef Fulvio Pischedda. You will find the full video at then end of this article in which Chef Fulvio covers important knife techniques such as how to hold a knife as well as some essential knife cuts every chef or home cook should know.  How […]

sanjo japanese kitchen scissors cutting ginger

12 Cooking Tips You’d Wish You Learnt Sooner

We’ve done some research and come up with 13 cooking tips that will help any cook. Some of which you’d wish you learnt sooner. 1. Roast your veggies without having to flip them  This is a really simple yet useful tip. Before you start roasting your veggies, pre-heat the pan you’ll use. This means the […]

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Knife hacks for perfect cutting

In today’s post we have selected 5 knife hacks for perfect cutting. Knife hack 1: Use the spine of the knife The spine of the knife is the back of the blade. Although often overlooked, it is very handy for cooking. Use this part of the blade to transfer ingredients from the chopping board to a […]