Kitchen Scissors

A really good pair of kitchen scissors / shears are indispensable in the kitchen. We’re not talking about plastic handle things that fall apart when they look at a chicken carcass. We mean heavy all-metal Japanese beauties. Not only that, but we took a while finding these because we wanted lots of boxes to be ticked. Some German knife companies do great poultry shears, but they are a little medieval when trying to chop chives. We wanted something more all-purpose. Our first priority was functionality at which these scissors excel. Made from the same top quality materials as our forged knives, our Japanese kitchen scissors have been carefully hand polished to eliminate the possibility of snagging things. Count the times you reach for a pair of scissors in your kitchen? To cut anything from herbs, to opening sachets, to cracking nuts with the handles. They are sharp, well-designed and hard wearing. And these scissors are handmade by skilled Japanese craftsmen from Sanjo (Niigata) and will last a lifetime. A great gift for the premium homeware connoisseur. Or anybody whom you care about (including yourself), really.

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